PHIL 401 A: Advanced Topics In Philosophy

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TTh 9:30am - 11:20am
SAV 130
Carina Fourie
Carina Fourie

Syllabus Description:

The Full Syllabus is coming soon. See the Course Structure for more details for the moment:


PHIL 401c - Rawls - Course Structure.pdf

Additional Details:

Topic: John Rawls’s A Theory of Justice.

What would a perfectly just society be like? With the publication of his book, A Theory of Justice, John Rawls is credited with revitalizing political philosophy in the twentieth century by aiming to answer this question and laying the foundations for a liberal egalitarian theory of social justice. In this course, we will analyze some of the most important elements of Rawls’s theory of justice and assess them in light of influential responses from critics. Writing credit offered.
TEXT: Required textbook: Rawls, John. A Theory of JusticeRevised edition. Cambridge, Mass: Belknap Press, 1999. Additional readings will be provided online on ‘Canvas’.

Catalog Description: 
A study of philosophical topics at the advanced level. Topics vary.
GE Requirements: 
Individuals and Societies (I&S)
Writing (W)
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