VALUES 512 A: Justice Matters: An Exploration of Justice as a Social Ideal

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W 3:30pm - 5:50pm
MGH 228
Stephen Gardiner
Stephen Gardiner

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This course aims to introduce graduate and professional students from a wide range of backgrounds to some common moral questions and to provide a basic philosophical framework for thinking about related issues that arise within their own disciplines or fields. Topics will likely include moral status, autonomy, respect, integrity, trust, responsibility and forgiveness. Students will submit weekly critical reading questions, complete an argument outline and present it to the class one week, produce a term paper proposal and annotated bibliography, and write a term paper.

TEXTS: Contemporary Political Philosophy, Will Kymlicka; Political Philosophy: A Guide For Students And Politicians, Adam Swift; Why not Socialism?, G.A. Cohen; Why not Capitalism?, Jason Brennan; Debating Climate Ethics, Stephen Gardiner and David Weisbach.

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Asks what makes social policies and institutions morally acceptable, primarily through a discussion about justice and injustice. Topics include: relativism, the sources of competing conceptions of justice and equality, cost-benefit analysis, distributive justice, and beneficence.
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