Graduate FAQs

When is the application deadline?

The deadline is January 2, 2018 for all applicants. Admission each year is for Autumn Quarter only.

When will I know if I've been accepted?

Admission decisions are made in mid March. Notification begins in late March.

What if I already have a Master's Degree?

All students must begin at the M.A. level, even if they already possess a Master's degree.

Do the recommendation letters require a special form?

No. the recommendation letters should be on the recommender's departmental letterhead.

Does the writing sample have to be a philosophical paper?

Yes. The writing sample is an important criterion in the admissions process, and must be philosophical writing.

How long should the writing sample be?

8-12 pages.

What if my undergraduate degree is in another field?

We do not require that applicants have a B.A. in Philosophy; however, most successful applicants do have some formal training in philosophy.

How many students are there?

There are approximately 30 students in the graduate program.

What is your job placement rate?

Job placements for our Ph.D. graduates is located on our Job Placements page. Current job market candidates can also be found here.

What is your admission rate?

We typically receive about 90 to 125 applications, and accept between 5 and 10 new students per year.

Does the department offer financial assistance?

The department aims to support all students making good progress in the graduate program for at least 5 years. Currently, a typical incoming class is 4-6 students, all of whom are offered 5-year financial support packages.

Do you accept part-time students?

Part-time study is possible, but not encouraged. This option must be negotiated after admittance.

What are the average GRE scores of applicants?

For students accepted into the program, the average GRE scores for the past few years have been 164 Verbal, 155 Quantitative, and 4.9 Analytic.

Is there a language requirement?

There is no language requirement for the MA/Ph.D. degree. However, in writing a dissertation a student must be able to deal with primary sources in the original language of the source. All language requirements are determined by the student’s supervisory committee. A student should develop the needed language skills as early as possible in his/her career. The student should consult with the director of graduate studies during the first and second year in the MA program to insure that he/she is developing any needed language skills. There is a language requirement for the joint Ph.D. program offered with the Department of Classics.