Greta LaFore (She/her/hers)


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PhD, Boston College
BA, Washington State University

My research focuses on the social epistemology of public allegations of abuse. I am interested, as a consequence, in disagreement where parties disagree about what counts as evidence for the debated claim, in the rationality of belief in situations where evidence alone does not determine a single rational attitude, and in situations where our beliefs about our evidence and our doxastic attitudes come apart (some times called level-splitting beliefs). I am also deeply fascinated by cases of disagreement with these features in the practice of biology and in popular conceptions of scientific disagreement and have published on disagreement in evolutionary biology. 

I am an advocate and architect of trauma-informed, gameful and role-playing pedagogies that empower students to take ownership of their own learning with enthusiasm. I love teaching the history of philosophy and science, and witnessing students come into contact with the voices that come before us, both those who we share commonalities with and those whose experiences greatly differ from ours. With a vibrant group of student peer educators and interdisciplinary collaborators, I have held workshops in innovative pedagogies for faculty and students across disciplines. Most excitingly, I get to witness students vigorously debate scientific, political, and philosophical topics playing historical characters through the Reacting to the Past pedagogy and have found my greatest joy in the vibrance of students discovering that transformative learning can also be tremendously fun.