O'Hara Philosophy of Physics Lecture Series

Upcoming Events

Centaurus constellationThe O'Hara Lecture Series in the Philosophy of Physics brings renowned scholars to the University of Washington to offer free public lectures on topics in the philosophy and foundations of physics.  This series is intended to promote interdisciplinary engagement across the humanities and the sciences both within and outside the university.  Furthermore, the goal of these lectures is to use public scholarship to foster community interest and engagement with deep questions at the intersection of philosophy and cutting edge developments in the sciences.

This series is generously supported by the Patrick O'Hara and Caterina Randolph Fund for Philosophy, which makes it possible to offer these events for free and open to the public with online registration.

Past Events

Date Title
May 20, 2021 Katherine Brading, How Physics Few The Philosophers’ Nest
November 21, 2019 David Wallace, "Emergence and Naturalness"
November 7, 2018 Nick Huggett, "Explaining Spacetime"
Octocber 19, 2017 Chris Smeenk, "How is Scientific Cosmology Possible?"
October 27, 2015 David Z. Albert, "The Difference Between the Past and the Future"