Advisory Board


The mission of the Advisory Board of the Department of Philosophy is to contribute to advancing the academic excellence and reputation of the department.

Statement of Purpose

The Advisory Board has three primary purposes:

  1. To serve as an advisory council to the department chair on any matter about which the department will benefit from views outside of academia;
  2. To assist the department in community and public relations, within and beyond the university community; and
  3. To support the department’s fund development and alumni outreach efforts.

The Advisory Board provides an opportunity for interested citizens outside of academia, as well as members of the university community, to contribute to the Department of Philosophy. The department benefits from multiple perspectives, and the Advisory Board engages in reflection and discussion aimed at strengthening philosophy’s academic program as well as supporting the department’s community presence. The committee also explores funding opportunities to further the academic and outreach efforts of the department.

  • David Byrne
  • Sean Fay
  • Daniel Gerler
  • Jana Mohr Lone
  • David Prestin
  • Jack Sabin
  • Eric Schmidt
  • Tina Stewart
  • Jasmin Weaver