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Teaching Remotely (Center for Teaching and Learning)

FERPA Information

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is federal legislation that applies to those institutions that receive funding from the Department of Education. It governs all aspects of student records, protecting privacy of student information. The Office of the Registrar provides FERPA guidelines and free Online FERPA training for those working with students.

Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a research-tested framework for teaching that aims to improve learning for all people, based on three principles: engagement, representation, and action and expression.

Universal Design Resources (pdf)

Syllabus Supplement

The Department's syllabus supplement (Word doc) (PDF version) includes important information to include in each of your syllabi. It includes information on academic misconduct, sexual harassment, grade appeal procedures, equal opportunity, access and accommodations, etc.

For campus-wide guidance on syllabi, see the Registrar's Syllabi Guidance and Resources.

Diversifying the Philosophy Syllabus

There are a variety of resources to aid in creating inclusive syllabi by including excellent readings by authors from groups that are underrepresented in philosophy. Here are a few:

Accessible Technology in the Classroom (syllabi and more)

The UW Policy on IT Accessibility states: "The University of Washington (UW) strives to ensure that people with disabilities have access to the same services and content that are available to people without disabilities, including services and content made available through the use of information technology (IT). IT procured, developed, maintained, and used by the UW should provide substantially similar functionality, experience, and information access to individuals with disabilities as it provides to others. Examples of IT covered by this policy include web sites, software systems, electronic documents, videos, and electronic equipment such as information kiosks, telephones, and digital signs."


The UW-IT Accessible Technology department provides many resources on their website as well as in-person training opportunities to assist all of us with making sure the documents we create are accessible to all students. Try these resources to get started:

Ally accessibility tool for Canvas

Ally accessibility tool for Canvas, provided by Blackboard, is a tool in Canvas that assists course instructors in making sure their course materials are accessible to all students, by providing instructors with feedback on the accessibility score of their uploaded materials (as well as tips to correct accessibility problems). Then, using advanced machine learning algorithms, Ally generates alternative formats--such as text that is readable by a screen reader, electronic braille, or audio--that students can download and use to support their learning.

UW Campus Resources & Learning Technologies

Center for Teaching and Learning

Canvas Help for Instructors

UW's Expository Writing Program - This center provides resources for students, information about writing help on campus. For teachers, see their guide on Assessment of and Feedback on Grammar Correctness for ELL students.

Classroom Facilities Services - If you experience technical difficulties while teaching on a classroom on campus, call Classroom Services at UW-IT (206) 221-5000 and press "9" for "urgent classroom issues."


For an explanation of the University of Washington's grading system, including the 4.0 scale, and the various non-numeric grades designating credit/no-credit, incomplete, withdrawal, etc. See:

  • The Office of the Registrar's Grading System information page
  • The Undergraduate Advising Office's Grades and Credits information page (includes an explanation of the "X" grade)
  • The Graduate School's Grading System for Graduate Students
  • Change of Grade Request (Office of the Registrar)
  • Grading PHIL 600 & 800. Department of Philosophy policy is to grade these courses as follows:
    • PHIL 600 - Graded as CR/NC
    • PHIL 800 - Graded as N (until final quarter, when graded with numeric grade) **after grading the final quarter with a numeric grade, submit a grade change request to change all of the previous quarters of "N" credit to that numeric grade -- the Registrar says that this conversion does not always happen automatically!**

Writing Credit

For a description of the requirements for giving students writing-intensives ("W") credit for a course, see the Undergraduate Academic Affairs page on Additional Writing.

Department Teaching Resources

Phil Dept Teaching Site - This Canvas site is for sharing department teaching resources and developing new teaching materials.