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"Why is persuasion so hard, even when you have facts on your side? As a philosopher, I’m especially interested in persuasion – not just how to convince someone, but how to do it ethically, without manipulation," writes Colin Marshall, associate professor of philosophy at the UW.Featured on The… Read more
“I couldn’t ask donors to give if I weren’t also giving,” says Michael Podlin, a former UW fundraiser. Podlin recently included a significant bequest in his estate plans for the Department of Philosophy in the amount of $2 million. This gift dramatically increases the size and flexibility of a modest endowment he established years earlier. Continue reading on UW College of Arts & Sciences… Read more
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Devices that connect brains to computers are increasingly sophisticated. Can the nascent neurorights movement catch up? Sara Goering, professor of philosophy at the UW, is quoted.Featured on Popular Science 
"You belong here. This place will change you and you will change it. I belong here, too, and I am forever grateful for the ways I’ve been changed by the students, staff, and faculty in my part of the UW community." - Andrea Woody, Divisional Dean of the Social Sciences Continue reading on UW College of Arts & Sciences News 
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"Hostage-taking has been frequently used by both states and insurgent groups as a means to extract funds or concessions from more powerful states," writes Michael Blake, professor of philosophy and of public policy and governance at the UW.Featured on The Conversation 
A new study from the University of Washington and Cornell University shows researchers more likely to write scientific papers with co-authors of the same gender, a pattern that can’t be explained by varying gender representations across scientific disciplines and time. Carole Lee, associate professor of philosophy, is quoted. Featured on UW News 
Summer Reading Recommendations from Faculty: Marc Cohen: Dinners with Ruth, by Nina Totenberg. An absolutely captivating and revealing account of the long and deep friendship between the late Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and the court's foremost contemporary chronicler. In the process, Nina shares her thoughts about friendship and some of the details of her own distinctive life history. The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021, by Peter Baker… Read more
Congratulations to all our 2023 graduates! Our alumni speaker was Noah Purcell, Washington State Solicitor General and 2002 UW Philosophy grad, and our undergraduate speaker was Wendi Zhou. Photo credit: Merriam Al-Maiahi