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Philosophy of Science
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Evidence, Inference, and Enquiry


Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
On Theory Construction in Physics: Continuity from Classical to Quantum (2017) Benjamin H. Feintzeig Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science
On Noncontextual, Non-Kolmogorovian Hidden Variable Theories (2017) Benjamin H. Feintzeig Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science
EJP Cover Kant on impenetrability, touch, and the causal content of perception (2017) Colin Marshall 18th Century, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Modern Philosophy, Perception and Cognition, Philosophy of Physics
Two Arguments for Animal Immortality (2017) Blake Hereth Animal Rights, Religion
In Defense of Animal Universalism (2016) Blake Hereth Animal Rights, Religion
Why It's Wrong to Stand Your Ground (2016) Blake Hereth Applied Ethics
"A New Reliability Defeater for Evolutionary Naturalism" (2016) William J. Talbott Epistemology
Uncovering Metaethical Assumptions in Bioethics Across Cultures (2016) Laura Specker Sullivan Bioethics, Metaethics
SJP Cover Lockean Empathy (2016) Colin Marshall 17th Century, British Empiricism, Metaethics, Modern Philosophy, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Science Structural Chaos (2015) Conor Mayo-Wilson Philosophy, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science
Engineering the Brain: Ethical Issues and the Introduction of Neural Devices (2015) Sara Goering, Eran Klein, Timothy Emmanuel Brown, Matthew Sample Bioethics, Science and Technology, Values
JHP logo Schopenhauer and Non-Cognitivist Moral Realism (Forthcoming) Colin Marshall 19th Century, German Idealism, Metaethics, Moral Philosophy, Moral Psychology, Perception and Cognition, Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Values
Cambridge University Press Logo "Moral Realism in Spinoza's Ethics" (Forthcoming) Colin Marshall 17th Century, Metaethics, Modern Philosophy, Moral Philosophy
Questioning the Euthyphro Question (Forthcoming) Cass Weller Ancient
Revisiting current causes of women's underrepresentation in science (Forthcoming) Carole Lee Gender Studies, Implicit Bias, Philosophy of Social Science, Research Methods, Science and Technology
Kant's derivation of the moral "ought" from a metaphysical "is" (Forthcoming) Colin Marshall Kant, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics
Commensuration bias in peer review (Forthcoming) Carole Lee Access and Inclusion, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Social Science, Science and Technology
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Scoring Imprecise Credences (Forthcoming) Conor Mayo-Wilson Epistemology, Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Statistics


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Assertion, Non-Epistemic Values, and Scientific Practice (2017) Paul Franco Philosophy of Science, Values
Sufficiency of Capabilities, Social Equality, and Two-Tiered Health Care Systems (2017) Carina Fourie Health, Medical Ethics, Medicine, Political Philosophy, Public Policy
The Sufficiency View: A Primer (2017) Carina Fourie Health, Law and Political Thought, Medical Ethics, Political Philosophy, Public Policy
Toward an Understanding of Parochial Observables (2017) Benjamin H. Feintzeig Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science
Personal Responsibility in the Age of User-Controlled Neuroprosthetics (2016) Timothy Emmanuel Brown, Sara Goering Bioethics, Disability, Medical Ethics, Science and Technology
Controlling Our Brains – a Case Study on the Implications of Brain-Computer Interface-Triggered Deep Brain Stimulation for Essential Tremor. (2016) Timothy Emmanuel Brown, Sara Goering Applied Ethics, Bioethics, Disability, Ethics, Medical Ethics, Science and Technology
Informed Consent in Implantable BCI Research: Identification of Research Risks and Recommendations for Development of Best Practice (2016) Eran Klein Medical Ethics