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Hypatia cover


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The cover of the edited volume, "Autonomy and Equality" How Being Better Off Is Bad for You (2021) Carina Fourie Feminism and Feminist Theory, Justice, Masculinity, Political Philosophy, Race and Ethnicity, Social Justice, Social Philosophy, Women
Transnational Capitalism and Feudal Privilege: Open Borders as a Tool for Non-Domination  (2021) Michael Ball-Blakely Immigration, Political Philosophy
Migration, Mobility, and Spatial Segregation: Freedom of Movement as Equal Opportunity  (2021) Michael Ball-Blakely Immigration, Political Philosophy, Transnational
Musical Works as Structural Universals (2021) Anthony Fisher Metaphysics
Concepts as Tools Not Rules: a Commentary on (Re-) Defining Racism (2021) José Jorge Mendoza Philosophy of Language, Race and Ethnicity
Socially Undocumented Oppression: 'Goldilocks' Liberalism or Something New? (2020) José Jorge Mendoza Immigration, Latino/a Studies, Political Philosophy, Political Theory, Social Philosophy
Graffiti on a wall saying, "Save Lives, Stay Home" Implications of COVID-19’s Gender and Sex Inequalities (2020) Carina Fourie Bioethics, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Gender Studies, Medical Ethics, Social Justice, Women, Women of Color
Philosophy for Everyone: Considerations on the Lack of Diversity in Academic Philosophy (2020) Nic Jones Access and Inclusion, Critical Theory, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Philosophy, Philosophy for Children, Politics of Representation
Crimmigration and the Ethics of Migration (2020) José Jorge Mendoza Immigration, Philosophy of Law
Fostering Neuroethics Integration with Neuroscience in the BRAIN Initiative (2020) Sara Goering, Eran Klein Bioethics, Neuroethics
Embedding Ethics in Neural Engineering (2020) Sara Goering, Eran Klein Bioethics, Neuroethics
Abstracta and Abstraction in Trope Theory (2020) Anthony Fisher Metaphysics
Philosophical Studies Decolonizing the Demarcation of the Ethical (2020) Joseph Len Miller American Indian/Native American, Indigenous, Metaethics, Philosophy of Psychology
The Journal of Value Inquiry Metaethical Agnosticism: Practical Reasons for Acting When Agnostic About the Existence of Moral Reasons (2020) Joseph Len Miller Metaethics
Motivating a Global Constitutional Convention for Future Generations (2019) Stephen Gardiner Climate Change, Ethics, Political Philosophy, Political Theory
Cuvierian functionalism (2019) Aaron Novick Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science
Latinx Philosophy and the Ethics of Migration (2019) José Jorge Mendoza Immigration, Latin American, Latino/a Studies, Political Philosophy
Philosophical Thinking in Childhood (2019) Jana Mohr Lone Children, Education, Philosophy, Philosophy for Children
Les ateliers de l'ethique Discrimination, Emotion, and Health Inequities (2019) Carina Fourie Applied Ethics, Bioethics, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Health, Medical Ethics, Race and Ethnicity, Social Justice
"Moral Arguments Against Zoos" (2019) Karen S. Emmerman Animal Rights, Applied Ethics, Environment, Ethics, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Moral Philosophy
What's Love Got to Do With It? An Ecofeminist Approach to Inter-Animal and Intra-Cultural Conflicts of Interest (2019) Karen S. Emmerman Animal Rights, Applied Ethics, Ethics, Family, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Food, Jewish Studies, Moral Philosophy, Women
Cover of the Book Etemeyaske Vpokat (Living Together Peacefully): How the Muscogee Concept of Harmony Can Provide a Structure to Morality (2019) Joseph Len Miller American Indian/Native American, Indigenous, Metaethics
Promoting Gender Equity in Grant Making: What can a Funder Do? (2019) Carole Lee Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Science and Technology
Is Epistemic Circularity a Fallacy? (2019) William J. Talbott Epistemology
Kantian Review Kant's (Non-Question-Begging) Refutation of Cartesian Scepticism (2019) Colin Marshall 18th Century, Early Modern Philosophy, German Idealism, Kant, Metaphysics, Perception and Cognition