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Spinoza’s ‘Political Treatise’:  A Critical Guide


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Les ateliers de l'ethique Discrimination, Emotion, and Health Inequities (2019) Carina Fourie Applied Ethics, Bioethics, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Health, Medical Ethics, Race and Ethnicity, Social Justice
"What's Love Got to Do With It? An Ecofeminist Approach to Inter-Animal and Intra-Cultural Conflicts of Interest" (2019) Karen S. Emmerman Animal Rights, Applied Ethics, Ethics, Family, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Food, Jewish Studies, Moral Philosophy, Women
Is Epistemic Circularity a Fallacy? (2019) William J. Talbott Epistemology
Kantian Review Kant's (Non-Question-Begging) Refutation of Cartesian Scepticism (2019) Colin Marshall 18th Century, Early Modern Philosophy, German Idealism, Kant, Metaphysics, Perception and Cognition
Spinoza in 21st-Century American and French Philosophy Spinoza on Beings of Reason [Entia Rationis] and the Analogical Imagination (2019) Michael A. Rosenthal 17th Century, Metaphysics, Modern Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind
On Alien and on Film (2019) Ian Schnee Aesthetics, Film/Cinema, Philosophy, Race and Ethnicity
Metaethical Agnosticism: Practical Reasons for Acting When Agnostic About the Existence of Moral Reasons (2019) Joseph Len Miller Metaethics
Neurotechnologies and Justice by, with, and for Disabled People (2019) Sara Goering, Eran Klein Applied Ethics, Disability, Justice, Neuroethics
Feminist Approaches to Bioethics Gender, Status and the Steepness of The Social Gradients in Health (2019) Carina Fourie Applied Ethics, Bioethics, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Health, Implicit Bias, Medical Ethics, Women
Asilomar Survey: Researcher Perspectives on Ethical Principles and Guidelines for BCI Research (2018) Sara Goering, Eran Klein, Michelle Pham, Matthew Sample Applied Ethics, Bioethics, Neuroethics
Review of Pragmatism in Transition: Contemporary Perspectives on C.I. Lewis, edited by Peter Olen and Carl Sachs (2018) Paul Franco 20th Century, Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Science
The Tollgate Principles for the Governance of Geoengineering (2018) Stephen Gardiner Applied Ethics, Climate Change, Environment
Cognitive Enhancement with Brain Implants: the Burden of Abnormality (2018) Paul Tubig Neuroethics, Philosophy
Spinoza’s ‘Political Treatise’:  A Critical Guide What Is Real About ‘Ideal Constitutions’?  Spinoza on Political Explanation (2018) Michael A. Rosenthal 17th Century, Early Modern Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Political Theory
JSQ Cover Prophetic Style and Ethical Experience in Hermann Cohen and Spinoza (2018) Michael A. Rosenthal 17th Century, 19th Century, 20th Century, Aesthetics, Early Modern Philosophy, Ethics, Jewish Studies, Religion
Medicine Anthropology Theory Logo The Trouble with Inequalities in Global Health Partnerships: An Ethical Assessment (2018) Carina Fourie Anthropology, Applied Ethics, Global and Transnational Studies, Health, Medical Ethics
Animal Rights Terrorism and Pacifism (2018) Blake Hereth Animal Rights, Applied Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy
Routledge logo Wrongful Private Discrimination and the Egalitarian Ethos (2018) Carina Fourie Applied Ethics, Ethics, Justice, Minority and Race Politics, Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Race and Ethnicity, Social Justice, Social Philosophy
Queer Oppression and Pacifism (2018) Blake Hereth Applied Ethics, Political Philosophy, Queer Studies
Two Arguments for Animal Immortality (2018) Blake Hereth Animal Rights, Religion
Why It's Wrong to Stand Your Ground (2018) Blake Hereth Applied Ethics
Toward an Understanding of Parochial Observables (2018) Benjamin H. Feintzeig Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science
CMR Cover image Compassionate Moral Realism (2018) Colin Marshall Epistemology, Ethics, Metaethics, Perception and Cognition, Philosophy of Mind
Bactrians and Dromedaries: Rethinking Assessment Materials in Logic Classes Using Bloom’s Taxonomy (2017) Ian Schnee Critical Pedagogy, Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of Spinoza Spinoza's Political Philosophy (2017) Michael A. Rosenthal 17th Century, Modern Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Political Theory