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Spinoza’s ‘Political Treatise’:  A Critical Guide
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Routledge logo Wrongful Private Discrimination and the Egalitarian Ethos (2018) Carina Fourie Applied Ethics, Ethics, Justice, Minority and Race Politics, Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Race and Ethnicity, Social Justice, Social Philosophy
On the Choice of Algebra for Quantization (2018) Benjamin H. Feintzeig Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science
Queer Oppression and Pacifism (2018) Blake Hereth Applied Ethics, Political Philosophy, Queer Studies
Two Arguments for Animal Immortality (2018) Blake Hereth Animal Rights, Religion
Why It's Wrong to Stand Your Ground (2018) Blake Hereth Applied Ethics
Toward an Understanding of Parochial Observables (2018) Benjamin H. Feintzeig Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science
CMR Cover image Compassionate Moral Realism (2018) Colin Marshall Epistemology, Ethics, Metaethics, Perception and Cognition, Philosophy of Mind
Donald C. Williams’s Defence of Real Metaphysics (2017) Anthony Fisher Analytic Philosophy, Metaphysics
Samuel Alexander’s Early Reactions to British Idealism (2017) Anthony Fisher 20th Century
Bactrians and Dromedaries: Rethinking Assessment Materials in Logic Classes Using Bloom’s Taxonomy (2017) Ian Schnee Critical Pedagogy, Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of Spinoza Spinoza's Political Philosophy (2017) Michael A. Rosenthal 17th Century, Modern Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Political Theory
Thinking Differently (2017) Sara Goering Bioethics, Disability, Neuroethics, Science and Technology
Keeping Disability in Mind (2017) Eran Klein, Sara Goering, Laura Specker Sullivan, Timothy Emmanuel Brown, Matthew Sample, Michelle Pham, Paul Tubig Bioethics, Disability, Science and Technology
Staying in the Loop (2017) Sara Goering, Eran Klein Bioethics
Charles Ives Socrates' Request Book Cover Socrates' Request and the Educational Narrative of the Timaeus (2017) Charles Ives Ancient, Education, Greek (Classical)
David Keyt_Nature and Justice Nature and Justice: Studies in the Ethical and Political Philosophy of Plato and Aristotle (2017) David Keyt Ancient, Ethics, Political Philosophy
AMA Journal of Ethics Logo Who Is Experiencing What Kind of Moral Distress? Distinctions for Moving from a Narrow to a Broad Definition of Moral Distress. (2017) Carina Fourie Bioethics, Health, Medical Ethics, Medicine, Social Philosophy
Against Self-Defense (2017) Blake Hereth Applied Ethics
Climate Ethics in a Dark and Dangerous Time (2017) Stephen Gardiner Climate Change, Ethics, Political Philosophy
On Theory Construction in Physics: Continuity from Classical to Quantum (2017) Benjamin H. Feintzeig Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science
On Noncontextual, Non-Kolmogorovian Hidden Variable Theories (2017) Benjamin H. Feintzeig Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science
Assertion, Nonepistemic Values, and Scientific Practice (2017) Paul Franco Philosophy of Science, Values
Sufficiency of Capabilities, Social Equality, and Two-Tiered Health Care Systems (2017) Carina Fourie Health, Medical Ethics, Medicine, Political Philosophy, Public Policy
The Sufficiency View: A Primer (2017) Carina Fourie Health, Law and Political Thought, Medical Ethics, Political Philosophy, Public Policy
In Defense of Animal Universalism (2017) Blake Hereth Animal Rights, Religion