Graduate Job Placements

This list represents the initial job for all graduating students who entered the academic job market (unless otherwise noted). Several individuals have since moved to different institutions; these moves are listed for recent graduates.

Year PhD Earned Dissertation Chair & Committee Initial Appointment Current Appointment (if different from initial position)

Science and the Structure of Social Experiment: A Socio-political Study of Climate Data Infrastructure

Andrea Woody (Chair), Bruce Hevly, Carole Lee, Stephen Gardiner, Conor Mayo-Wilson


Immigration in a Global Economy: Why the Left Should Embrace Open Borders

Michael Blake (chair), Stephen Gardiner, Jose Mendoza, Amelia Wirts, Desiree Lim (Penn State) Postdoctoral Fellow, McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society, Stanford University
2021 Disability, Identity, and the Body as a Context of Choice: Making Space for the Mere Difference View in Healthcare Justice Sara Goering (chair), Michael Blake, Carina Fourie Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University
2021 Balance and Belonging: Harmony and its Role in Understanding Morality Colin Marshall (chair), Carole Lee, William Talbott Philosophy Instructor, Elon University
2021 Tower to Agora: Insularity and Philosophical Methodology Carole Lee (chair), William Talbott, Alison Wylie Director of Programs, Humanities Washington
2021 The Mismeasure of Woman: The Epistemic and Social Impacts of Gendered Citation Practices Carole Lee (chair), Conor Mayo-Wilson, William Talbott Did not go on academic job market.
2020 Facing the Genocidal Present Michael Blake (chair),  William Talbott, José Jorge Mendoza, José Antonio (Tony) Lucero, Jack Turner Visiting Assistant Professor, Hobart and William Smith College Assistant Professor (TT), University of Houston – Clear Lake
2020 Constructing and Being Constructed: Relational Trans Identity and Responsibility for Microaggressions Carole Lee (chair), Sara Goering, Carina Fourie Vice President, UAW Local 4121
2020 Consensus and Collaboration in Contemporary Scientific Practice Andrea Woody (chair), Carole Lee, Conor Mayo-Wilson Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Neurosurgery, University of California, Los Angeles Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Center for Bioethics, Harvard Medical School
2020 Love in Descartes' Metaphysics and Moral Philosophy Michael Rosenthal (chair), Colin Marshall, Cass Weller Adjunct (temporary), University of California, Berkeley Adjunct, University of San Francisco
2019 A Relational Account of Exploitation in Clinical Research Michael Blake (chair), Sara Goering, Alison Drake Postdoctoral Researcher, Biomedical Ethics Unit, McGill University
2019 Modulating Agency: the Moral & Aesthetic Import of Closed-Loop Deep-Brain Stimulation Sara Goering (chair), Andrea Woody, Carina Fourie NIH Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Washington Assistant Professor, Department of Bioethics and Humanities, UW
2019 The Resurrection of Radical Pacifism: A Defense Michael Blake (chair), Stephen Gardiner, Carina Fourie, Colin Marshall Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
2019 Equitably Ending the Fossil Fuel Era: Climate Justice, Capital, and the Carbon Budget Stephen Gardiner (chair), Michael Blake, Michael Lazarus, Aseem Prakash, Carina Fourie South African Climate Justice Campaigner, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Development Studies, Nelson Mandela University
2018 Toward a Pragmatic Ontology of Scientific Concepts Andrea Woody (chair), Arthur Fine, John Manchak, Cass Weller, Joseph Rouse Taxonomy Analyst,  
2016 Modal Truth: Integrating the Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Semantics of the Necessary and the Possible Arthur Fine (chair), Cass Weller, Ann Baker Adjunct (permanent) Grand Valley State University  
2016 Blaming Appropriately Jean Roberts (chair), Michael Blake, William Talbott, Sara Goering, Angela Smith Full-time Instructor, Seattle University  
2016 A Nontraditional Sufficiency Thesis: Virtuous Activity is Sufficient for Happiness and Some Minimally Favorable Circumstances are Necessary for Virtuous Activity Stephen Gardiner (chair), William Talbott, Sara Goering Lecturer, Integrated Social Sciences program, University of Washington, Seattle; Lecturer, Northeastern University's Global Pathways Program, Seattle, Washington; Adjunct Faculty, Bellevue College, Washington Assistant Professor, Marywood University
2016 Intelligent Automaticity in Moral Judgment and Decision-Making Alison Wylie (chair), William Talbott, Carole Lee, Sara Goering, Nancy Snow Visiting Assistant Professor, Kansas State University American University (TT)
2016 Evaluating Neural Futures: Good Technoscience and the Challenge of Co-Production Alison Wylie (chair), Sara Goering, Andrea Woody, Sheila Jasanoff Neuroethics research post-doc, Institut de Rescherches Cliniques de Montréal, Canada University of Hannover, Germany (TT)
2015 Intertheoretic Relations in Context: Details, Purpose, and Practice Andrea Woody (chair), Alison Wylie, Arthur Fine, John Manchak  Instructor, Seattle Central College  
2015 The Aesthetic Appreciation of Ruins Ron Moore (chair), Jean Roberts, Michael Rosenthal, Alison Wylie Adjunct (temporary), Portland State University Instructor (permanent), Florida International University
2015 Scientific Practice and Analogical Reasoning: The Problem of Ingrained Analogy Alison Wylie (chair), Andrea Woody, Lynn Hankinson Nelson, Carole Lee, Paul Bartha Adjunct (temporary), Pacific Lutheran University University of Windsor (TT)
2014 The Normative Dimensions of State Action Michael Blake (chair), Jason Mayerfeld, William Talbott, Stephen Gardiner Did not go on academic job market. Part-time lecturer Univ. of Washington  
2014 Immigrant Oppression and Social Justice Michael Blake (chair) Sara Goering, José Antonio Lucero, William Talbott, Shelley Wilcox Assistant Professor, University of Texas, El Paso University of Nevada, Las Vegas (TT)
2014 Retributive Hatred as a Reactive Moral Attitude Jean Roberts (chair), Deborah Kamen, Stephen Gardiner, Cass Weller, Ingra Schellenberg Full-time lecturer in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the Univ. of Washington Tacoma  
2013 Seduced into Caring: Virtue in the Life of the Reader Ron Moore (chair) Michael Blake Carole Lee Andrea Woody Visiting Assistant Professor, College of Charleston, South Carolina  
2013 A Leap Into Darkness: The Normative Structure of International Politics Michael Blake (chair) William Talbott Stephen Gardiner 2-year Post Doc, Bowen H. McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society, Stanford University; then National University Singapore (TT)

University of Twente, Netherlands (TT)
2012 Feeling Proud and Being Proud:  An Investigation into the Moral Psychology of Personal Ideals Angela Smith (chair), David Keyt, Ingra Schellenberg, and William Talbott Fixed term assistant professor at University of Calgary University of Alabama, Huntsville (TT)
2012 Troubling Others and Tormenting Ourselves: The Nature and Moral Significance of Jealousy Stephen Gardiner (chair), Jean Roberts, Carole Lee, Ingra Schellenberg One year assistant professor at Fort Lewis College, Colorado; then Colby Sawyer College, New London, NH Ball State University (TT)
2012 The Significance of Unintentional Omission: Moral Responsibility for the Failure to Act Angela Smith (chair), Ann Baker, Larry BonJour, Stephen Gardiner Limited job market search. Part-time instructor at Bellevue CC, and Univ. of Washington Adjunct (temporary), Sonoma State University
2012 Beyond the Basic/Nonbasic Interests Distinction: A Feminist Approach to Inter-Species Moral Conflict and Moral Repair Sara Goering (chair), Stephen Gardiner, Lori Gruen, Jean Roberts Did not go on academic job market. Part-time instructor Univ of Washington, and Philosophy for Children Philosopher in Residence, John Muir Elementary (non-academic)
2010 Listening in Public: Duties of Civility in a Pluralistic Democracy Michael Blake (chair), M. Alison Wylie, William Talbott, Michael Rosenthal Queen's Postdoctoral Fellowship in Democracy and Diversity at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario Instructor (permanent), Loyola University Chicago
2010 Values in Science: The Distinction between the Context of Discovery and the Context of Justification Arthur Fine (chair), Stephen Gardiner, Lynn Hankinson Nelson, Andrea Woody, M. Alison Wylie One year visiting lecturer position at Simon Fraser Univ, Burnaby, BC;
Linden College, OR (TT)
Instructor, Bellevue College & Seattle Central College
2010 Putting Judgment in Context: Moral Particularism and the Structure of Practical Reason Cass Weller (chair), Jean Roberts, Angela Smith Visiting lecturer position at Otterbein in Columbus, OH  
2009 Expert Testimony and the Social Transmission of Scientific Knowledge Arthur Fine (chair), Laurence BonJour, Lynn Hankinson Nelson, M. Alison Wylie College of Lake County, Grayslake, IL (TT) Governors State University, Chicago (TT)
2009 A Logic for Disorderly Domains Arthur Fine (co-chair), David Keyt (co-chair), S. Marc Cohen Research Scholar in the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy at George Mason University, Washington DC Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Philosophy and Policy, George Mason University
2009 Hume's Moral Realism Michael Rosenthal (chair), William Talbott, Cass Weller University of Washington (non tenure track) and various Washington State Community Colleges  
2009 On the Significance of an Overlapping Consensus on Human Rights William Talbott (chair), Michael Blake, Andrew Light, Angela Smith Tenure track assistant professor, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan  
2009 The Art of Remaking Dances: A Philosophical Analysis of Dancework Reconstruction Ron Moore (chair), Ann Baker, Laurence BonJour, Andrea Woody Tenure-track assistant professor, Purdue University, Calumet, Indiana  
2008 Skepticism and the Foundation of Empirical Justification Laurence BonJour (chair), Ann Baker, William Talbott, Andrea Woody Tenure track assistant professor, University of Iowa  
2008 Virtuous Circles: A Defense of Limited Epistemic Circularity Laurence BonJour (chair), Ann Baker, Arthur Fine, William Talbott Tenure track assistant professor, Iowa State University  
2007 On a Cladistic Taxonomy of Organismic Traits Marc Lange (chair), Arthur Fine, Lynn Hankinson Nelson, Andrea Woody Tenure track assistant professor Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville  
2007 The Most Important Thing of All: Piety, Virtue, and Politics in Plato's Laws Jean Roberts (chair), Ruby Blondell, S. Marc Cohen, David Keyt Loyola Marymount University, California (non tenure track)  
2006 Toward a Linguistic Conception of Thought Cass Weller (chair), Lynn Hankinson Nelson, Andrea Woody University of Washington Writing Program (non tenure track) Western Oregon University (non tenure track)
2006 One More Apt Feeling: A Defense of a Modified Version of Allen Gibbard's Account of the Meaning of Our Putative Wrongness Judgments William Talbott (chair), Ken Clatterbaugh, Angela Smith Did not go on academic job market.  
2006 Should We Feel Bad About Feeling Good About Immoral Art? An Argument in Favor of Minimal Moralism Paul Taylor (co-chair), Ron Moore (co-chair), Jean Roberts, Angela Smith, Cass Weller Tenure track assistant professor, Otterbein College, Ohio  
2005 Virtue and Reason in Nature William Talbott (chair), Robert Coburn, Jean Roberts Virginia Commonwealth University (non tenure track) Oregon State University (tenured)
2004 An Examination of Robert Boyle's Conception of Physical Causes Ken Clatterbaugh (chair), Michael Rosenthal, Cass Weller, Andrea Woody Did not go on academic job market  
2004 Perceptual Knowledge: Explorations and Extensions of the Sellarsian Framework Cass Weller (chair), Robert Coburn, Marc Lange, William Talbott Coastal Carolina University, South Carolina (non tenure track) Washington State Community Colleges (non tenure track)
2004 Should Science Be Value-Free? Rethinking the Role of Ethical and Political Values in the Justification of Scientific Theories Jean Roberts (co-chair), Andrea Woody (co-chair), Arthur Fine, Lynn Hankinson Nelson Coastal Carolina University, South Carolina (TT) Montana State University, Bozeman (tenured)
2004 Aristotle On Sexual Differentiation and Family Resemblances Marc Cohen (chair), Ruby Blondell, David Keyt, Jean Roberts, Cass Weller Did not go on academic job market.  
2004 Expanding the Child's Range of Open Futures: A proposed basis for the ethical assessment of parental genetic trait selection Ron Moore (chair), Wylie Burke, Sara Goering, Nancy Jecker, Andrea Woody Judge for State of Washington (prior to and post-PhD)  
2004 Intrinsically Semantic Concepts and the Intentionality of Propositional Attitudes Laurence BonJour (chair), Ann Baker, S. Marc Cohen Limited one-year academic job search.  
2004 Physical Systems: Conceptual Pathways Between Spacetime and Matter Arthur Fine (chair), Marc Lange, Andrea Woody Western Ontario University (post-doc) University of Virginia, Richmond (TT)
2003 Rationality and Moral Responsibility in Romantic Love Ken Clatterbaugh (chair), Angela Smith, Robert Solomon, Paul Taylor Humboldt State University, California (non tenure track) Ethicist for Weyerhaeuser
2003 A Controversy About Animal Consciousness Charles Marks (chair), Ken Clatterbaugh, S. Marc Cohen, William Talbott Did not go on academic job market.  
2002 The Epistemological Role of the Intellectual Virtues Laurence BonJour (chair), Ann Baker, Angela Smith, William Talbott Baylor University, Texas Loyola Marymount University, California
2001 A Positivist Account of Legal Principles Ronald Moore (chair), Laurence BonJour, Robert Coburn, William Talbott University of Washington Information School (non tenure track) Seattle Pacific University
2001 Precedent Autonomy, Surviving Interest, and Advance Medical Decisionmaking Albert Jonsen (co-chair), Ronald Moore (co-chair), Laurence BonJour, Nancy Jecker, William Talbott University of North Carolina School of Medicine University of Tennessee, California State University, Fullerton
1999 Time in Physics IV: Aristotle's Reductionistic Vision in Four Movements S. Marc Cohen (chair), David Keyt, Jean Roberts, Cass Weller Ohio State University (non tenure track) Boise State University, Idaho
1999 On the Continuation of Material Being S. Marc Cohen (chair), John Boler, Ken Clatterbaugh, James Mish'alani Seattle Pacific University (non tenure track) University of Puget Sound (non tenure track), Winthrop University, South Carolina
1999 Peter Abelard's Theory of the Proposition Ken Clatterbaugh (chair), John Boler, David Keyt, Charles Marks University of Akron, Ohio Carroll University, Wisconsin