Video Course Previews

Not sure which philosophy course to register for? Here, our faculty give you a brief sneak peak at what to expect in their upcoming courses.

Video previews are available for:

Winter 2021

Video course previews are currently available for the following Winter 2021 courses (view the full Winter 2021 course playlist on YouTube):

PHIL 100: Introduction to Philosophy (Anthony Fisher)

PHIL 120: Introduction to Logic (Ian Schnee)

PHIL 240: Introduction to Ethics (Paul Franco)

PHIL 243: Environmental Ethics (Stephen Gardiner)

PHIL 301: Ethics of Human Reproduction and the Family (Christopher Schimke)

PHIL 314: Philosophy of Crime and Punishment (Amelia Wirts)

PHIL 322: Modern Philosophy (Anthony Fisher)

PHIL 347: Philosophy in Literature (Charles Ives)

PHIL 401: Conspiracy Theories, Propaganda, and Epistemic Vice (Ian Schnee)

PHIL 426: Twentieth-century Philosophy (Paul Franco)

PHIL 441: Public Health Ethics (Carina Fourie)

PHIL 460: Philosophy of Science (Aaron Novick)

PHIL 470: Intermediate Logic (Benjamin Feintzeig)

PHIL 483: Induction and Probability (Conor Mayo-Wilson)

ETHICS 512: Justice Matters: An Exploration of Justice as a Social Ideal (Stephen Gardiner)

Autumn 2020

Video course previews are available for the following Autumn 2020 courses (or watch the full Autumn 2020 course playlist on YouTube):

PHIL 100: Introduction to Philosophy (Paul Franco)

PHIL 102: Moral Problems (Michael Blake)

PHIL 118: Persuasion or Manipulation? (Colin Marshall)

PHIL 120: Introduction to Logic (Conor Mayo-Wilson)

PHIL 149: Existentialism and Film (Ian Schnee)

PHIL 242: Medical Ethics (Sara Goering)

PHIL 401: Topics in Philosophy: Philosophy of Race (José Jorge Mendoza)

PHIL 410: Social Philosophy (William Talbott)

PHIL 414: Philosophy of Law (Amelia Wirts)

PHIL 550: Seminar in Epistemology (William Talbott)