What We Are Doing

At the University of Washington philosophy department, we recognize the need to take positive steps to create a welcoming environment for all students. Below we describe some of our strategies for improving and maintaining a healthy climate.

Education: We currently have a strong feminist philosophy reading group that has read through and discussed literature about implicit bias and how to combat it within philosophy in particular. This information has been shared with the wider department through faculty panels on implicit bias, sessions on implicit bias and gender norms in the classroom for the teaching seminar, and a session on implicit bias and teaching for the new graduate student orientation. We aim to include philosophical literature by women and under-represented minorities on our course syllabi.

Research: One of our faculty members, Carole Lee, specializes in implicit bias in her research. Other faculty members also have research projects that link to concerns about fair representation of women and minorities in philosophy, science, and medicine.

Curriculum: We encourage our faculty and graduate student instructors to diversify their syllabi by including readings by scholars whose identities are underrepresented in philosophy. See our Teaching Resources for more details.

Administration: We have a departmental climate committee that includes faculty and graduate students committed to improving the climate of the department. This group has compiled resources and developed this website, and is exploring new strategies for enhancing the environment at UW Philosophy.
Climate Committee members:

  • Faculty & Staff: Carina Fourie (committee chair), Sara Goering (department chair), Paul Franco (graduate program director)
  • Graduate Students: Cody Dout, Kayla Mehl, Kai Milanovic, Jesus Raya, Sam Sandoval, Linds Whittaker

Social events: We encourage our graduate students to make use of the Office of Graduate Student Equity & Excellence (GSEE) for social and academic events. We also host a quarterly dinner meeting of UW women in philosophy to build community and address any concerns that may arise, and are looking for ways to build a broader coalition of women and minority faculty and students.

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