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Student study session
Student study session



Visit our Undergraduate Advising page for contact information and more details.

Undergraduate Email List

Philosophy students are encouraged to subscribe to the departmental email list called phillist. Undergraduate advising updates are distributed on this list, and it is maintained by the department. Contact the undergraduate adviser for more information or to subscribe.

Philosophy Undergraduate Club

The Philosophy Undergraduate club is a student organization dedicated to the informal discussion of philosophical issues. In the past, the club has also been called SUPS (Socieity for Undergraduate Philosophy Students) and Lyceum.  Activities vary from quarter to quarter. These include, but are not limited to, social activities, informal discussions with professors, reading groups, information meetings about graduate school or other academic opportunities, colloquium previews, and discussions of philosophical questions via social media.

Autumn quarter 2017 meetings are Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 p.m. in Savery 359 (except on December 6th, when the meeting will be in Smith 309).

To learn more about the club, contact our undergraduate adviser, Gina Gould.

Scholarships and Awards

The Kenneth Clatterbaugh Scholarship

This scholarship is in honor of Kenneth Clatterbaugh, professor emeritus and former chair of the department. Its goal is to acknowledge a student with financial need who has outstanding academic merit and commitment to philosophy. The amount of the award varies but the successful applicant will usually receive an amount equivalent to one quarter resident tuition to apply toward their tuition. Students apply for this award in early Spring quarter.

The Kenneth R. Parker (KRP) Award for Excellence in Community Service

This award honors a UW undergraduate philosophy student who has blended their studies in philosophy with a volunteer-based community project. The recipient will receive a $500 scholarship. Students apply for this award in early Spring quarter.

Study Abroad

The philosophy department generally encourages undergraduate students to study abroad. Most majors can fit in a study abroad experience as part of thier degree without delaying graduation.

At this point, we do not offer department-sponsored study abroad programs. However, you can participate in programs run by other UW departments and receive credit through them. You can also study with a UW affiliate or non-affiliate program. Please make an appointment with the undergraduate adviser to see how the courses you might take would work with your overall degree.

International Students Taking Philosophy Courses in Their Home Countries

Courses can not be preapproved as transfer coursees because the UW admissions office makes the ultimate decision on if courses are able to transfer to the UW.  As time allows, courses descriptions and syllabus can be reviewed by the undergraduate adviser.  This review will only determine if a course will likely be labelled "PHIL" and if it would be given specific a PHIL course number should the course be transferrable.   Because this service is provided only as time allows, it is best to contact the undergraduate adivser for an appointment to review the course materials.   Materails emailed to the department without additional contact by a student are often not reviewed.    


If you have already arranged an internship and have a philosophy faculty sponsor for it, philosophy internship credits (PHIL 498) may be appropriate. Contact the adviser for more information on this option.

Community Service Classes

Some philosophy courses contain a service component.  This is determined by the instructor of the individual course so there is no list of courses that always have a service component.  In the recent past the following courses have featured service learning:

  • PHIL 206  
  • PHIL 243
  • PHIL 338
  • VALUES 495 

Are You Already a Volunteer?

Ask your advisor about the Kenneth R. Parker Award for Excellence in Community Service. It is specifically for philosophy students who volunteer!

Information for Graduating Seniors

What do I need to do if I'm ready to graduate?

If you expect to graduate within the next three quarters, you will need to fill out a graduation application with the philosophy adviser. Please make an appointment.

How do I get graduating senior priority (GSP) for registration?

Graduating Senior Priority allows you to register on the first day of Registration Period I for your final two quarters. For example, if you are planning on graduating in June, you can file your graduation application in autumn quarter.  Your graduation application needs to be submitted at least two days before registration begins in order to take advantage of GSP.

Can I go through the spring commencement ceremony if I will be completing my remaining credits in summer quarter?

Yes, if you fill out your graduation application by the third week of the spring quarter.

Does the department have a graduation celebration?

Yes. The department hosts an informal reception for graduates and their friends and families during the final week of spring quarter. Typically the Friday before the university’s commencement ceremony.  If you fill out your graduation application by the third week of the spring quarter, an email invitation (with RSVP instructions) to the Philosophy Graduation Reception will be sent to you in late April/early May.

Writing Center

The University of Washington Department of Philosophy provides a unique, free resource for students wanting to improve their philosophical writing. Visit the Philosophy Writing Center page for location and other information.