Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate program in the Department of Philosophy offers programs of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree (in Philosophy or Philosophy: Ethics option) as well as a minor in philosophy. The department also offers, jointly with the Department of History, a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Philosophy of Science. The department also offers a minor in ethics.

Philosophy is also a fine undergraduate major for pre-professional students: it is quite suitable for students planning careers in medicine and it is perhaps ideal for those who aspire to work in the legal profession. A degree in philosophy is a wonderful compliment to any major, whether it is in the physical sciences, social sciences, arts, or humanities. Generally speaking, training in philosophy will be valuable in any occupation that requires examination and analysis of problems, critical evaluation of alternative solutions, and rational advocacy of one's conclusions.


The undergraduate adviser is Gina Gould. See advising for information on how to contact her and make an appointment.

University Admissions

Not currently a UW student? The first step in applying to the Philosophy Department is to be accepted into the University of Washington. Review the general Admissions page, or select one of resources below to a help you get started.