Philosophy Major

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

In addition to the College of Arts & Sciences General Education Requirements, candidates for a B.A. in Philosophy must meet the following requirements:

  • 50 Philosophy credits, to include:
    1. PHIL 115 - Practical Reasoning OR
      PHIL 120 - Introduction to Logic
    2. PHIL 320 - History of Ancient Philosophy OR
      PHIL 330 - History of Ancient Political Philosophy OR
      PHIL 335 - Plato's Republic OR
      PHIL 340 - History of Ancient Ethics
    3. PHIL 322 - History of Modern Philosophy OR
      PHIL 332 - History of Modern Political Philosophy OR
      PHIL 342 - History of Modern Ethics
      An upper-division course in the same areas may be substituted for the first three requirements.
      The department must approve any substitutions.
    4. Four courses at the 400-level, excluding transfer credits and reading courses (PHIL 484), which normally cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.
  • At least 25 of these credits must be from the University of Washington.
  • Minimum Philosophy GPA of 2.00

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