Candidates for a B.A. with College Honors in Philosophy* or a B.A. with Honors in Philosophy* must meet the following additional requirements:

  • Admitted to the department's honors program (see below)
  • 3.30 cumulative overall GPA.
  • A GPA of 3.50 in philosophy courses, based on at least 25 hours of graded courses.
  • Five courses at the 400-level or above, excluding transfer or reading courses (PHIL 484) and subject to the following qualifications:
    1. The five courses must be graded courses.
    2. The five courses must include at least one graduate seminar or honors capstone
    3. The GPA for all courses taken at the 400-level or above must be at least 3.30. If the student takes more than the five required 400- or 500-level courses, they will all count in determining whether this GPA requirement has been satisfied.

Admission is quarterly, competitive, and based on:

  • PHIL background to include three upper division Philosophy courses taken at the UW
  • Phil GPA of 3.60 or above
  • Purpose Statement which should include academic interest, goals, and plan. Purpose statement needs to be turned in to the adviser by the second Friday of the quarter.
* For the B.A. with College Honors in Philosophy, the student must also be a member of the College Honors Program. For information call 543-7444, or visit the UW Honors Program webpage.