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The Public Accountability of Swiss Health Care Reform (2016) Carina Fourie Health, Law and Political Thought, Medical Ethics, Public Policy
SJP Cover Lockean Empathy (2016) Colin Marshall 17th Century, British Empiricism, Metaethics, Modern Philosophy, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Scoring Imprecise Credences (2016) Conor Mayo-Wilson Epistemology, Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Statistics
Revisiting Current Causes of Women's Underrepresentation in Science (2016) Carole Lee Gender Studies, Implicit Bias, Philosophy of Social Science, Research Methods, Science and Technology
Enforcement Matters: Reframing the Philosophical Debate Over Immigration (2015) José Jorge Mendoza Ethics, Immigration, Political Philosophy
Priority Monism, Partiality, and Minimal Truthmakers (2015) Anthony Fisher Metaphysics
David Lewis, Donald C. Williams, and the History of Metaphysics in the Twentieth Century (2015) Anthony Fisher Analytic Philosophy, Metaphysics
Samuel Alexander’s Theory of Categories (2015) Anthony Fisher 20th Century, Metaphysics
Informed Consent in Implantable BCI Research: Identifying Risks and Exploring Meaning (2015) Eran Klein Medical Ethics
Models of the Patient-Machine-Clinician Relationship in Closed-Loop Machine Neuromodulation (2015) Eran Klein Medical Ethics
Hidden Variables and Incompatible Observables in Quantum Mechanics (2015) Benjamin H. Feintzeig Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science
On broken symmetries and classical systems (2015) Benjamin H. Feintzeig Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science
A Non-Probabilist Principle of Higher-Order Reasoning (2015) William J. Talbott Epistemology
"Report on the 2015 Fleishhacker Chair Lecture and Latin American Philosophy Conference" (2015) Julio Covarrubias Chicana/o, Hispanic Studies, Immigration, Latin American, Latino/a Studies, Minority and Race Politics, Political Philosophy, Political Theory, Social Philosophy
"Justice and Foreign PolicyA Reply to My Critics." (2015) Michael Blake Ethics, Global and Transnational Studies, Law and Political Thought, Political Theory
Basic Factive Perceptual Reasons (2015) Epistemology
To Praise and to Scorn: The Problem of Inequalities of Esteem for Social Egalitarians (2015) Carina Fourie Applied Ethics, Political Theory, Social Justice, Social Philosophy
Philosophy of Science Structural Chaos (2015) Conor Mayo-Wilson Philosophy, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science
Moral Distress and Moral Conflict in Clinical Ethics (2015) Carina Fourie Medical Ethics
Re-orienting Discussions of Scientific Explanation: A Functional Perspective (2015) Andrea Woody Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Science and Technology
A Plurality of Pluralisms: Collaborative Practice in Archaeology (2015) Alison Wylie Access and Inclusion, American Indian/Native American, Archaeology, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Social Science, Research Methods
Engineering the Brain: Ethical Issues and the Introduction of Neural Devices (2015) Sara Goering, Eran Klein, Timothy Emmanuel Brown, Matthew Sample Bioethics, Science and Technology, Values
Commensuration Bias in Peer Review (2015) Carole Lee Access and Inclusion, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Social Science, Science and Technology
Discrimination and the Presumptive Rights of Immigrants (2014) José Jorge Mendoza Ethics, Immigration, Political Philosophy, Race and Ethnicity
Examination of Merricks’ Primitivism about Truth (2014) Anthony Fisher Metaphysics