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Undergraduate Video Contest: “Why do we need philosophy now?” Nov 30 2020 - 9:19am
Aaron Novick Interview with Professor Aaron Novick Nov 12 2020 - 1:05pm
José Jorge Mendoza Interview with Professor José Jorge Mendoza Nov 12 2020 - 12:41pm
headshot of Professor Amelia Wirst Interview with Professor Amelia Wirts Nov 12 2020 - 11:05am
Remembering Bruce Lee, and his time in Seattle, on the 80th anniversary of his birth Nov 12 2020 - 11:00am
José Mendoza Professor Mendoza: “The Latinx Vote: What Entity, What Identity?” Nov 10 2020 - 3:00pm
Photo of career panel on zoom Alumni Career Panel Nov 5 2020 - 4:03pm
Illustration of woman at voting booth Voting by the Numbers: Mayo-Wilson joins new interdisciplinary course Oct 18 2020 - 5:00pm
Black and white dice on a loaded scale, the white dice weights heavier although they look the same size Carole Lee & collaborators pen Lancet letter on anticipated Black-white disparities in alternative grant funding processes   Oct 7 2020 - 10:39am
Erosheva, Grant, and Lee’s article on racial disparities on NIH funding featured on The Lancet Oct 7 2020 - 9:30am
Ian Schnee addressing the new student convocation Ian Schnee addresses the New Student Convocation Sep 29 2020 - 10:20am
UW’s 37th annual New Student Convocation goes online Sep 27 2020 - 10:45am
Protestors holding up the letters LIAR in front of the White House. Michael Blake discusses Presidential lies Sep 17 2020 - 3:13pm
From Washington to Trump, all presidents have told lies (but only some have told them for the right reasons) Sep 17 2020 - 1:00pm
Poster with speakers and titles Benjamin Rabinowitz Symposium in Medical Ethics - Emotion and Empathy [VIRTUAL] Sep 8 2020 - 10:27am
It takes more than shame to make people put on a mask Sep 4 2020 - 9:15am
Worker at taco restaurant in front of sign that reads "no mask no taco" Colin Marshall discusses how to approach those who refuse to wear a mask during pandemic Aug 24 2020 - 2:00pm
Conor Mayo-Wilson Conor Mayo-Wilson co-teaches "Statistics and Philosophy of Voting" Aug 17 2020 - 4:21pm
Empty lecture room chairs Michael Blake gives perspective on the cruelty of Donald Trump’s immigration policies Jul 21 2020 - 12:17pm
Open book in sunbeam Faculty Summer Reading Recommendations 2020 Jun 25 2020 - 12:51pm
Erika Versalovic, Mellon Collaborative Fellowship for Reaching New Publics in Community Colleges Anna Bates and Erika Versalovic awarded Mellon Collaborative Fellowship for Reaching New Publics in Community Colleges Jun 19 2020 - 11:16am
Fareed A. Awan, Doctorate in Philosophy Graduation Celebration 2020 Jun 19 2020 - 11:06am
Anna Bates - UW Simpson Center Mellon Graduate Student Fellowship Graduate Students Anna Bates and Paul Tubig awarded Mellon Summer Fellowships for Public Projects in the Humanities Jun 18 2020 - 12:02pm
Colin Marshall - UW Simpson Center Mellon Faculty Fellowship Colin Marshall and Ian Schnee awarded Mellon Summer Fellowship for New Graduate Seminars in the Humanities Jun 18 2020 - 11:22am
Graduate Student Michael Ball-Blakely chosen for Joff Hanauer Graduate Fellows for Excellence in Western Civilization Jun 17 2020 - 9:37pm


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