PHIL 100 B: Introduction To Philosophy

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MTWThF 12:00pm - 2:10pm
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Joey Miller
Joseph Len Miller

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In this course we will be working from the understanding that Philosophy is the study of ideas. As such, we will be surveying a few of the different methodologies involved in studying ideas. We will be discussing topics ranging from our relationship to our surroundings, whether we should fear death, what it means to respect or honor your parents, whether prisons are necessary, what it means to live a meaningful life, and many others. Beginning with more abstract ideas in the first half of the course and proceeding to more concrete, practical ideas in the second half of the course, we will discuss the merits, justifications, problems, and our experiences with the ideas presented in the texts. Our focus is not only on the content of these ideas (i.e., what the ideas are, and whether they’re correct or we agree with them), but also on the methodology of being used to study these ideas (i.e., how the authors are studying these ideas in these texts)."


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Major philosophical questions relating to such matters as the existence of God, the foundations of knowledge, the nature of reality, and the nature of morality. Approach may be either historical or topical. Offered: AWSpS.
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Individuals and Societies (I&S)
Writing (W)
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