Graduate Non-Matriculated

Graduate non-matriculated (GNM) status allows post baccalaureate students who are not presently seeking a graduate degree at the University of Washington to take UW graduate courses. This is one of two types of Non-Degree Enrollment, the other being general Non-Matriculated (NM) status. Both of these status options are administered by Non-Degree Enrollment, but for GNM status, you must first submit an application through the Graduate School.

The Philosophy Department welcomes qualified GNM students. If you have been away from college and are thinking about applying for admission to our PhD program, taking some courses as a GNM student can be a great way to acquire a writing sample for your application, and to explore if graduate school is the right choice for you. 

Is applying for GNM status the only way to take graduate seminars in the Department of Philosophy?

No. You should only apply for GNM status if you plan to petition to apply the credits you earn toward a specific graduate degree in the future. If you do not plan to apply the credits to a graduate degree program in the future, you should register as a nonmatriculated student (NM).

Washington state residents aged 60 and older are eligible to audit courses via the UW Access Program.

How does registering as a GNM student differ from registering as a NM student?

Entrance into courses as either a NM or GNM student depends on space availability and instructor permission.

NM: There is no formal application process required for NM status. All registration is managed through Non-Degree Enrollment.

GNM: To register for a graduate seminar in Philosophy as a GNM student you must first be granted GNM status by the Department of Philosophy via the Graduate School’s online application process. There is a fee associated with this application.

How does the Department of Philosophy evaluate whether an applicant is qualified for GNM status?

Our graduate seminars are for advanced academic philosophy students and most participants are pursuing their PhD in philosophy in our department. Our graduate admissions process is highly competitive and our graduate students typically have shown exceptional talent in a previous bachelor’s or master’s degree in philosophy (often both). Any student participating in our graduate seminars as a non-degree student must be at a comparable level in order to contribute effectively to the small seminar-style course discussions. All students must hold at minimum, a bachelor’s degree. We typically look for high performance in previous philosophy courses as evidence of ability to participate in a graduate seminar. For students without this background, interested in taking graduate courses, we recommend first taking one or more undergraduate courses in our department as a nonmatriculated (NM) student in order to demonstrate eligibility for GNM status.

How do I begin applying for GNM status?

Before applying for GNM status you should contact the department and the instructor of the course in which you hope to enroll to discuss your plans. You should also read:

What documentation will I need to include with my application?

Beyond completing the online application, we only require that you upload your unofficial transcripts from previous institutions.

What is the deadline to apply for GNM status?

The application deadline is three weeks prior to the start of the quarter in which you plan to enroll. See the UW Academic Calendar for dates of instruction. However, we recommend that you submit your application as early as possible, in order to allow time for processing, and then the additional steps of completing the necessary forms (including signatures) for the Non-Degree Enrollment office.

Applications for GNM status can be submitted before any quarter in which you plan to enroll (Autumn, Winter, Spring, or Summer).

Will the Department of Philosophy be automatically notified when I submit an application to the Graduate School?

No! We are not given automatic notifications when applications are submitted and we don’t typically log in to the application system outside of our annual admissions cycle. Therefore, be sure to email the Graduate Program Advisor to inform us that you have submitted your application.

When will I find out the results of my application?

We strive to respond to all GNM applications within two weeks after you inform us that the application is submitted.

If you have additional questions, please contact our graduate program advisor.