Newsletter Winter 2014 Carole Lee

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Professor Carole Lee Wins COST Grant

Carole Lee, as a secondary proposer, has just been funded by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology agency for a four-year COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) grant. She will be working with an interdisciplinary and international group of researchers to explore questions about the future of peer review and publication. Carole, and the rest of the research group will explore answers to questions like: Are new models of publication and peer-review (online and open review) preferable over the more traditional models? Would new incentives and rules for peer review improve publication quality and fairness? To answer these questions, one needs access to review data from journals, and so the team is ecstatic that major publishers - including Elserview, Springer, and Wylie - have agreed to work with them to explore these questions. The team is planning to expand their network of stakeholders with other publishers (including online journals) and begin work sometime in 2014. Congratulations Carole!

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