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Alumni News

Jack Bayne, M.A., 1974

After earning his M.A., Jack spent the next 14 years teaching mainly US Military personnel in Europe for the University of Maryland, European Division. He then moved to Boston and began teaching for the University of Massachusetts, and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. He has taught at both institutions ever since and attained Senior Lecturer status a few years ago. He and his wife are looking forward to retirement in a few years, and are looking at settling back in the Seattle area.

John Davis, Ph.D., 2001

John Davis has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at California State University, Fullerton. He is organizing a conference for spring 2011 titled "Disagreement in Ethics and Epistemology."

Samuel M. Shima, B.A., 1979

After graduating, Samuel settled in Fresno, CA, where he and his wife created (and own) a gymnastic school that has over 400 students. They have won numerous awards throughout the years including Union Bank's "2007 Entrepreneur of the Year" and "Best Children's Gym in Fresno" two years in a row. Last year, their nine-year-old daughter won the acro-level five pair national championship in Minnesota. Both he and his wife are grateful for what their lives have produced so far, and Samuel often jokingly tells his wife, "It is because of my education at the University of Washington!"

Samuel has this to say about his degree in philosophy:

Throughout the years, I have always attributed my success in life, work, family, and business to my learning experiences in philosophy, and I continue to use my education and experience to serve mankind in the best way possible.

I read your recent economic donation request letter and was saddened that all of us are going through the same thing, day in and day out. However, I am a strong supporter of what you folks do for philosophy at the UW, and am happy to make a small contribution to help out.

Thank you for all that you continually do up there in Seattle! My mother still lives up there, and I try to stop by the UW with my daughter to show her how beautiful my school is and how much I appreciated the best education one could ever receive!

Joan-Antoine Mallet, International
Graduate Exchange Student, 2009-2010

The University of Montpellier, France, has accepted Joan-Antoine's application for a pre-doctoral associate position. There he will receive three years of financial support while he teaches, and completes his dissertation on Plato. Joan-Antoine credits at least part of his success in landing this position with his time spent here last year as an international exchange student. Congratulations J.A!


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