Newsletter Fall 2010 Hypatia 25th Anniversary

Hypatia 25th Anniversary

Hypatia, A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, turns 25 this year! The journal was first published as an autonomous journal in 1986, so volume 25 is appearing in 2010, mid-way through the five-year term in which the Hypatiaeditorial office is based at the University of Washington. The journal is hosted by the University of Washington's Simpson Center for the Humanities. Alison Wylie is the editor in residence, assisted by a stalwart editorial staff of philosophy graduate students, and a wonderful team of local editorial advisors, all but two of whom are also in philosophy.

To kick off this landmark year, a 25th Anniversary conference was held last fall: "Feminist Legacies/Feminist Futures," (October 22-24, 2009). This conference drew close to 150 participants, with over 100 presenters representing all areas of feminist work in philosophy. The program included six keynote panels – on the founding ofHypatia, on focal areas of feminist interest in philosophy, and on the future of feminist philosophy – all of which are now available online as podcasts and streaming videos (see theHypatia website for details). For one especially notable keynote panel, "Feminist Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Perspective" feminist scholars at the University of Washington were invited to consider the legacies of feminist philosophy in relation to their own fields. Panelists included Carolyn Allen, English; Eva Cherniavsky, English; Judith A. Howard, Sociology and Women Studies (Divisional Dean, Social Sciences); Barbara Reskin, Sociology; Janelle Taylor, Anthropology; and Kathleen Woodward, English. "Feminist Legacies / Feminist Futures" was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the formation and influence of feminist philosophies across the disciplines, to take stock of emerging trends, and to consider where feminist philosophy is headed in the next 25 years.

A 25th Anniversary special issue will be published in December 2010 (Hypatia 25.4, co-edited by Lori Gruen and Alison Wylie), alongside an elctronic Virtual Issue made up of Hypatia articles that readers have nominated as trasformative, groundbreaking, and pivotal in the development of their own work and of feminist philosophy as a field. Be sure to check the journal's webiste for deltails.

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