Newsletter Fall 2010 MA and PhD's

Congratulations 2009-2010 M.A. & Ph.D. Recipients


Fareed Awan - spring 2010

Andrew Fyfe- autumn 2009

Benjamin Hole - spring 2010

Tyrel Mears - autumn 2009

Jon Rosenberg - autumn 2009

Patrick Smith - spring 2010


Monica Aufrecht
(Dissertation Chair - Arthur Fine)
"Values in Science: The Distinction between the Context of Discovery and the Context of Justification"

Andrew Jordan
(Dissertation Chair - Cass Weller)
"Putting Judgment in Context: Moral Particularism and the Structure of Practical Reason"

Brandon Morgan-Olsen
(Dissertation Chair - Michael Blake)
"Listening in Public: Duties of Civility in a Pluralistic Democracy"

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