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Hapatia Update

The turn of July marked the half-way point in the five-year editorial term of Hypatia's sojourn at UW. The editorial office has been hosted by the Simpson Center for the Humanities since July 2008, under the editorship of Alison Wylie and with tremendously strong support from the Department of Philosophy. This past year graduate students Karen Emmerman served as the managing editor, and Asia Ferrin as editorial assistant; along with the advice and support of the UWHypatia advisors (most of them faculty in Philosophy), the journal has been thriving!

Of particular note this year was the publication, in November 2010, of the 25th Anniversary special issue, Feminist Legacies/Feminist Futures. Many of the papers selected for this issue started life as presentations at the anniversary conference we hosted in October 2009, so local colleagues knew what was in store. To complement this special issue, Wylie and coeditor Lori Gruen assembled a Retrospective Virtue Issue: 16 articles published over the 25-year history of Hypatia that were nominated by Hypatia readers as pivotal in the development of their own thinking and in the field as a whole. You'll find links on the Hypatia home page to both of these issues as well as to video and audio podcasts of all the conference keynote panel.

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