Hypatia's 5th and Final Year at UW!

Hypatia has been hosted by UW for four eventful years. Over this time, four philosophy graduate students have kept the journal on the rails; Asia Ferrin will continue as Managing Editor for this final year, joined by Elizabeth Scarbrough who replaced Rachel Fredericks as Editorial Assistant. Alison Wylie, the senior editor for this five-year editorial term, is especially proud of two special features that appeared inHypatia this past year:

A new Hypatia Virtual Issue on "The Place of Women in the Profession of Philosophy," assembled by Hypatia Co-Editor Ann Cudd. Animal Others: a Special Issue co-edited by Lori Gruen and Kari Weil, which includes a review by UW graduate, Karen Emmerman.

Both are available, open access, on the Wiley-Blackwell Hypatia website: