Newsletter Fall 2014 From the Chair

Happy New Year! The passing holiday season brought us a time for parties, cards, and gifts. In the Department office we received a particularly nice card from our building custodians, Theo and Li, who wished "Love, Peace, Kindness, Generosity, Justice, and Forgiveness to all." On reading the articles in this newsletter and reflecting on the many things that we do in our lives as students and teachers, it does not seem too far of a stretch to say that the study of philosophy is centrally concerned with promoting these values. Many of our courses are concerned with justice. If you follow the link to his radio broadcast on KUOW, you will hear Michael Blake talk about "partyism" and how we can overcome discrimination based on political views. If you read the article about Carole Lee, you will see how recognition of the ways in which our implicit biases function can help us become fairer and even more generous in our judgments. Our faculty and students who work for the UW Center for Philosophy for Children are helping elementary school children develop their critical thinking and social skills through many programs, including a Philosopher-in-Residence at John Muir Elementary in Seattle. The inspiring interview with undergraduate Nora Burnes tells us how she has gone from the Army to the UW, balancing her obligations as a mother with her studies. She takes the obligation to promote peace and practice kindness seriously. She is a volunteer firefighter/EMT and hopes to become a doctor serving low-income communities. Even in the office we are doing our part. Annette Bernier, our program coordinator, has organized a collection for the University District Food Bank. We are privileged to be part of this great community at the UW. Thanks to all of you who read these newsletters with interest and those of you who donate to the Department. We are grateful and working to share our passion for philosophy - and all the good things that follow from that - with our students and community. Of course, if you are still looking for a more tangible gift, click on the link to our fantastic hoodies, hats, and t-shirts branded with the Department of Philosophy name and UW logo. Best wishes from the Department faculty and staff to all of you for a healthy and happy New Year!

-Michael Rosenthal

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