New Certificate in Science, Technology and Society Studies

Submitted by Jonathan Mitchell on

The Certificate in Science, Technology and Society Studies is recruiting its first cohort of STSS students this Spring! Graduate students of good standing in any program at the University of Washington are eligible to apply.

We invite all interested graduate students and faculty to join us for an information session on April 22nd, and for a more celebratory launch reception (and information session) on May 29. Here are the details; mark your calendars!

  • STSS Certificate information session: Wednesday, April 22, 2:00-3:30, in CMU 202

  • STSS Launch celebration (and more information!): Friday, May 29, 2:00-3:30, in CMU 126

followed by a public lecture by Clapperton Mahvunga (STS, MIT): Friday, May 29, 3:30

"What Does Science Mean from Africa? A View from Dzimbahwe"

The STSS Certificate offers students an opportunity to pursue a richly interdisciplinary program of study the aim of which is to understand how natural and social knowledge of the world is produced and authorized, how it evolves and is inflected by the contexts of its production and use, and what its normative implications are.

For more information about the Certificate, and directions for applying to join it, please see the STSS website:

Or contact the coordinators:

Leah Ceccarelli (Communications):

Phillip Thurtle (CHID and History):

Alison Wylie (Philosophy and Anthropology):