Winners of Rader Awards for Innovative Summer Philosophy Projects Announced

Congratulations to graduate students Michelle Pham and Olin Robus! They are winners of the Rader awards for innovative summer philosophy projects for 2015. They will each receive $2000 to be put toward their respective projects.

Michelle Pham will use her award to support her participation in the Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute (PIKSI) at the Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State. The goal of PIKSI is to inspire and strengthen the interests of students from underrepresented groups – including women, people of color, people identifying as LGBTQA, people with disabilities, and individuals from economically disadvantaged groups – in pursuing further education in philosophy. This year's Institute's theme is "Philosophy and Social Justice." Michelle will work closely with the PIKSI undergraduates as a graduate assistant to the program. Learn more about PIKSI at  as well as a blog post by UW Philosophy graduate student Asia Ferrin - What is like to PIKSI graduate assistant?

Olin Robus will use his award to support his attendance at the Metaphysics of Science Summer School (MoSSS) and Workshop in Helsinki, Finland. This event focuses on the space where metaphysics and philosophy of science come together, and will feature lectures by a number of leading researchers in these areas. The topics covered in this summer school are central to Olin's own dissertation project, and he will have a great opportunity to meet others working in similar areas. Learn more about MoSSS at