Paper by Conor Mayo-Wilson Named One of Ten Best in 2014

Submitted by Arielle Hill-Moses on
Conor Mayo-Wilson

Congratulations to Professor Conor Mayo-Wilson. His paper "The Limits of Piecemeal Causal Inference" has been named one of the ten best philosophy papers published in2014 by The Philosopher's Annual. The paper was originally published in the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.

The editors of The Philosopher's Annual describe the project as follows: "In “The Limits of Piecemeal Causal Inference,” Conor Mayo-Wilson tackles a problem that is of both deep philosophical interest and of wide scientific and practical importance: how are we to combine studies limited to subsets of variables into a single causal theory including them all? In what kinds of cases will observational data decide between alternative theories only if all variables are measured simultaneously?"





The paper itself can be read here:

A  full list of the ten selected papers can be found here: