Philosophy Major Julie Michlal Awarded Macfarlane Scholarship

Submitted by Britta M. Anson on
Julie Michlal, junior philosophy major

Congratulations to Julie Michlal who has been awarded the Elizabeth Kerr Macfarlane Endowed Scholarship from the UW College of Arts and Sciences for 2016-2017! Julie is double majoring in philosophy and political science, and is currently in her junior year. In her senior year, Julie will pursue both the philosophy and political science honors programs, in which she plans to write a thesis in political philosophy, while simultaneously enrolling in graduate seminars across both departments. She hopes that these activities will help prepare her for the rigors of graduate work.

Of her reasons for studying philosophy, Julie explains:

I consider my education in philosophy as a source of enrichment that is indispensable to my long-term aspirations. Philosophy has fundamentally altered my outlook, and never ceases to challenge my thinking; in pushing me to meaningfully engage others' ideas, I have become more critical of my own. I cannot do justice to the profoundly empowering effect this has had in both my intellectual and private lives. While there are multiple lenses through which we examine our existence, I have come to see philosophy as imbued in them all. I am excited to continue honing my philosophical skills in order to gain access to deeper understanding in my personal attempt at making sense of this world.

We look forward to seeing where Julie's studies take her next!