Interview with Visiting Post-Doctoral Scholar Dr Augustin Fragnière

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From 2014-2016, Dr Augustin Fragnière was a visiting post-doctoral scholar at the University of Washington’s Program on Values in Society (POV). Dr Fragnière hails from Lausanne, Switzerland and holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Paris 1 (France) and the University of Lausanne (Switzerland). During his visit, he undertook a range of research into the ethics of climate change - specifically looking at areas such as the science and ethics of geoengineering and questions of individual responsibility in the face of climate change. In this interview with the POV Research Assistant, Alex Lenferna, Dr Fragnière discusses his time as a visiting post-doctoral scholar at the POV, the range of work he undertook while visiting, and how he plans to build on that work in the future. 

Below is a list of some of the work that Dr Fragnière completed during his stay as a visiting scholar:

Why Geoengineering is Not “Plan B”, Co-Authored with Prof Stephen Gardiner, Published in Christopher Preston, Climate Justice and Geoengineering. Rowman and Littlefield.

Climate Change and Individual Duties, WIRES Climate Change, 7 (6): (2016)

Climate change and individual responsibility: Agency, moral disengagement and the motivational gap, in Ethics, Policy and Environment, 18 (2):229-232 (2015)

Review of Elizabeth Cripps: Climate Change and the Moral Agent. Individual Duties in an Interdependent World, in Environmental Values, 24 (5): 698-700 (2015)

Working together Prof Stephen Gardiner and Dr Fragnière were successfully awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to further their work on Geoengineering, Political Legitimacy and Justice. This two-year grant will enable Steve and Augustin to develop an international research community that focuses on the ethical and political issues concerning geo-engineering.