Upcoming Program on Values in Society Events

Submitted by Alex Lenferna on

The Program on Values in Society is involved in helping organize a number of talks, workshop and events. Below is a brief list of some of the upcoming events. 

March 31st. Benjamin Rabinowitz Symposium in Medical Ethics on Race, Health and Justice. This cross-disciplinary symposium will bring together students, faculty, researchers and members of the public to discuss racial disparities in health and health care, and the broader social, political, economic and historical structures in which they occur. The symposium will also celebrate the official launch of The Health and Inequality Network (THINK), an interdisciplinary group of students and faculty interested in health equity. You can register here, and find out more at this link. 

April 19th, 7pm, Prof Lorraine Daston will deliver the annual Katz Lecture, entitled, "Algorithms Before Computers: Patterns Recipes, and Rules". Location: Kane Hall 201. For more details, please visit this link. 

April 28th 3:30pm. Colloquium: Prof Elliot Sober. Ockham's Razor - When is the Simpler Theory Better.  Location: Savery Hall 264. For more details, please visit this link

May 5th,  3:30p.m. Colloquium: Prof Phil Cafaro. 'Franklin’s Economy, Washington’s Will, and Jefferson’s Wine Cellar: America’s Founders on Virtue and Vice'. Location: Savery Hall 264

May 19th, Ben Rabinowitz Workshop on Climate Justce, featuring Catriona McKinnon, Breena Hollande and Alexandre Sayegh. More details available here.  

To find out more or to be kept abreast of future information about these events, please email ponvins@uw.edu