Professor Blake joins King County Board of Ethics

Submitted by Kate Goldyn on
Professor Michael Blake

Congratulations to Professor Michael Blake on his new appointment as Commissioner on the King County Board of Ethics.  The Board of Ethics oversees the administration and interpretation of the Code of Ethics for King County Employees.  The Code deals with ethical issues that arise in the course of working for King County and describes the specific ethical obligations held by employees and elected officials alike.  There are provisions in the Code about both rights and responsibilities—what King County employees may expect in the course of their work for the County, and what they must avoid doing.  Thus, the Code deals with issues such as employment and promotion, reimbursement for work-related expenses, conflicts of interest, and protection for whistleblowers.  The Board is expected to meet regularly to offer advice about how the Code is to be understood and updated. The board also issues advisory opinions about topics on which the Code is ambiguous and offers a consultation service, which allows King County employees to ask specific questions about ethical problems emerging from their employment.  The goal in all their activities is to ensure that King County employees are able to do their jobs in a manner reflecting ethical norms of justice and equity.  We could not think of a better person to help guide the county on the ethical norms of justice and equity for its employees.