Join the Department of Philosophy's LinkedIn Group and New Mentorship Program

Submitted by Kate Goldyn on

Join the Department of Philosophy group on LinkedIn to meet and network easily with other Department of Philosophy alumni.

The LinkedIn group is a great place for alumni, students, faculty, and staff to make connections with a network of people who can offer career advice or collaborate on opportunities. Members can also share philosophy interests, and philosophy-related events and articles. Help this network thrive by participating and reaching out to other philosophy alumni.

The LinkedIn group will also serve as a place to inspire our current philosophy students to see all of the career opportunities that are possible with a degree in philosophy from the University of Washington.

The Department of Philosophy is planning a mentorship program. Are you interested in talking to philosophy students - discussing your career and how you got your first job after graduation? Our students are eager to hear from you and be advised on how to make the transition from student to professional, and how to articulate the value of a philosophy degree to those who are unfamiliar with the skills gained from studying philosophy.  Please contact Kate Goldyn at if you are interested in taking part in a mentorship program. We look forward to connecting our fantastic alums and current students!