New Podcast: No Narrow Thing

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No Narrow Thing, hosted by Dustyn Addington and Whitney Johnson

Announcing No Narrow Thing, the podcast that gets philosophical about everything. Hosts Dustyn Addington (PhD candidate in philosophy) and Whitney Johnson (MPH, Yale University) have a lot of questions, and want to get to the bottom of them. No Narrow Thing bridges the theoretical and practical, applying a philosophical lens to compelling questions, big and small.

Each episodes focuses on a single line of inquiry, like:
-Is there a duty to vote?
-Should I believe in ghosts?
-Is it ethical to gossip?

No Narrow Thing treats philosophy as something you do, approaching philosophical inquiry with a sense of eager discovery. Join Dustyn and Whitney as they invite academic experts, on-the-ground practitioners, and community members to weigh in on the questions that matter most.

No Narrow Thing was made possible by funding from the Melvin Rader Endowed Fund in Philosophy at the University of Washington, which supports innovative projects in philosophy beyond a graduate student’s dissertation work.

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