Professor Emeritus Karl Potter Completes 25th Volume of the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies

Submitted by Kate Goldyn on
Professor Potter receiving his Padma Shri Award from the President of India.

Congratulations to Professor Emeritus Karl Potter for completing the 25th volume of the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies. Professor Potter has been working on the Encyclopedia for over 40 years. Each volume contains an introduction by its editor(s), followed by summaries of the texts of the philosophical system to which the volume is devoted.  Most of these summaries are based upon texts that have been translated into a Western language, although some of the texts remain available only in untranslated critical editions or in manuscript form.  The summaries are solicited from specialists throughout the world who have an intimate knowledge of the texts being summarized.

The Encyclopedia explores topics including metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language, and logic, covering over 2400 years of texts. Find out more about each volume on Professor Potter’s website.

In 2011, Professor Potter was given the Padma Sri Award in Literature and Education by the Indian government. This award honors distinguished individuals who make significant contributions to India and are rarely awarded to non-Indian citizens.