Congratulations to Associate Professor Benjamin Feintzeig!

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Benjamin Feintzeig

The Department of Philosophy is excited to announce the promotion of Benjamin Feintzeig to Associate Professor with tenure beginning Autumn term 2021. Feintzeig joined the Department of Philosophy in 2016 and is a philosopher of physics. His research focuses on the conceptual and mathematical foundations of physics, and the broader impacts of philosophy of physics on general issues in philosophy of science including interpreting physical theories, scientific representation, and scientific explanation. His primary focus is on the foundations of our best quantum theories and the classical theories that we “quantize” to arrive at them. He is currently working on (i) the explanatory status of the classical limit in reducing classical mechanics to quantum mechanics, (ii) structural continuities across classical and quantum theories, and (iii) the emergence of particles from underlying quantum field theories. This research has been supported by multiple grants from the National Science Foundation and has brought postdoctoral fellows to the department. Professor Feintzeig teaches courses in philosophy of science, logic, and history & philosophy of science. Additionally, he organizes the annual O’Hara Philosophy of Physics Lecture Series and workshops on such topics as philosophy of probability and constructing quantum theories. Please find out more about Professor Feintzeig here.

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