UW neuroethics team co-authored paper in Neuroethics journal

Submitted by Kate Goldyn on

Several members of the UW neuroethics team (professors Sara Goering, Eran Klein, previous graduate student Michelle Pham, and previous postdoctoral Scholar Laura Specker Sullivan) who participated in the Morningside Group/Neuroethics Taskforce are now part of a large co-authored paper published this month in the journal Neuroethics. The paper “Recommendations for the Responsible Development and Application of Neurotechnologiesis a detailed elaboration and expansion of the group’s original short piece in Nature in 2017. The twenty-three authors of the paper – an interdisciplinary and international group of experts in neuroscience, neurotechnology, philosophy, law, and bioethics -- identify pressing ethical concerns related to the rapidly advancing field of neurotechnology and offer practical recommendations related to neurotechnology and agency/identity, privacy, bias, and enhancement.