New book by Anthony Fisher explores the work of Samuel Alexander

Submitted by Kate Goldyn on

Congratulations to lecturer Anthony Fisher on the publication of his new book Marking the Centenary of Samuel Alexander's Space, Time and Deity. The book contains three unpublished papers by Samuel Alexander, who was a leading British philosopher in the early twentieth century and part of the ‘new realism’ movement along with G.E. Moore and Bertrand Russell. Samuel Alexander is often ignored in twentieth century philosophy; however, his theories and style are once again popular. The previously unpublished papers clarify Alexander’s metaphysical commitments on time, universals, God, and knowledge of past truths. Additionally, the book includes new essays by scholars examining Alexander’s work on metaphysical realism, idealism, naturalism, space and time, process ontology, ontological categories, epistemology, perception, philosophy of history, emergentism, and empiricism. Anthony became interested in Alexander after Anthony wanted to know more about the origins of contemporary metaphysics.