The Philosophy Society publishes inaugural undergraduate philosophy journal 

Submitted by Kate Goldyn on

Congratulations to The Philosophy Society on publishing the first issue of their undergraduate philosophy journal, The Garden of Ideas! The Garden of Ideas won a 2021 Husky Seed Fund Award. Husky Seed Funds are awarded by the Husky Experience Student Advisory Council with funds from the Office of the Provost. These awards bring to life innovative ideas by students that are inclusive, impactful, and inventive. Braeden Giaconi, editor-in-chief, and Jason Lim, past president of The Philosophy Society, created the proposal for the award by creating an example journal which became the template for the actual journal.

The Garden of Ideas’ purpose is to allow non-academic submissions and encourage work from non-philosophy majors. The journal started out with a team of three people, but expanded over the summer to include a total of six editors, two public relations officers, and one designer. At least two editors read each submission, and then the team comes to a decision collectively about whether to include a particular piece. The journal places importance on ensuring a wide range of work; this quarter they were able to publish art, poetry, and three papers on different topics, as well as providing a list of book recommendations. They printed 250 copies of the journal which can be found in Savery Hall, the HUB, the Microsoft Café, the Hugo House, and Public Grounds Café. The journal can also be accessed online.