Nic Jones wins department Graduate Student Teaching Award

Submitted by Kate Goldyn on

Congratulations to Nic Jones, winner of the 2021-2022 Graduate Student Teaching Award! Nic was selected by the philosophy faculty for stand-out work in their inspired summer course, Medical Ethics, which approached course material with a powerful focus on racism, ableism, and transphobia, as well as their work as a teaching assistant in classes such as Environment Ethics. Their teaching techniques showed real dedication to active, student-led learning.

Faculty members noted that Nic’s work, “is extremely clear, as well as sympathetic, encouraging and reassuring. They provide a very supportive environment in which students appear to feel at ease talking about ideas, opinions, and problems. Two students in particular were noticeably comfortable asking about aspects of the discussion that they thought confused them. They were then equally comfortable expressing what they learned from others and from Nic that helped them, and also what still remained unclear.”

One of Nic’s student remarked, “Nic is easy to reach and very accommodating so I really loved this class. I'm very shy and have major anxiety but Nic made me feel very welcomed and unafraid to ask questions. Thank you for making philosophy great for me!”

We are so proud to have Nic teaching and engaging with our students, especially during this pandemic and while teaching virtually.