Christopher Schimke

Doctoral Candidate, Teaching Assistant
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Monday and Wednesday 2:30-3:30PM


BA in Philosophy from University of Arizona, 2008
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I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Philosophy. I specialize in Normative Ethics and Social and Political Philosophy, with a focus on theoretical difficulties concerning the morality of creating people. In my dissertation, I apply ideas from classical Thomism to the non-identity problem.

Awards and Honors

2020 - Fritz/Macfarlane/Hunter/Lederman Fellowship, nominated by the Department of Philosophy, University of Washington

2020 - Graduate Prize for “On a Supposed Duty Not to Create Deficient Lives (That Are Worth Living),” awarded by the NYU Center for Bioethics

2019 - Civitas Dei Summer Fellowship, awarded by the Thomistic Institute and the Institute for Human Ecology

2019 - Scholarship to attend the Catholic and Dominican Institute’s 9th Annual Philosophy Workshop, awarded by the Thomistic Institute and the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture

2014-2015 - Friends of Philosophy Pre-Dissertation Stipend, Department of Philosophy, University of Washington

Recent and Upcoming Presentations

Commentary on "Reparative Intergenerational Justice in a World of Wounds" by Ben Almassi at the Ben Rabinowitz Workshop on Environmental Ethics: Climate Justice in Broader Perspective (online), University of Washington, Winter 2021.

“On a Supposed Duty Not to Create Deficient Lives (That Are Worth Living)” to be presented at the 1st Annual Philosophical Bioethics Workshop (online), New York University, November 2020

“Natural Teleology and Contingent Identities: A Classical Thomistic Approach to a Procreative Puzzle” at the 7th Annual Graduate Student Workshop in Applied Philosophy, Bowling Green State University, November 2019

“Classical Natural Law Theory and the Non-Identity Problem” at the 14th Spring Meeting of the Midwest Region of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, Moody Bible Institute, March 2019

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American Society for Bioethics and Humanities, American Catholic Philosophical Association, American Philosophical Association