Philosophy & Classics Ph.D.

In addition to the regular Ph.D. program in Philosophy, our department offers a joint Ph.D. in Philosophy and Classics. The aim of this program is to highlight the essentially interdisciplinary nature of the study of Greek and Roman philosophy by encouraging graduate students in Classics and in Philosophy to have sustained formal contact with faculty and students in the other department. In particular, Philosophy students are helped by the broader literary, historical, and cultural background to be gained by studying in Classics, and students in Classics are helped in gaining a deeper and broader understanding of philosophical issues and problems.


Ruby Blondell (Classics)
Jean Roberts (Philosophy)
Cass Weller (Philosophy)

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Application to this program is made after the M.A. and before the General Examination, but coursework completed prior to formal application can be accepted toward the program requirements.


In addition to the regular requirements of the student's home department, the joint Ph.D. has the following requirements:  

  • A member of the non-home department will be a member of the student's supervisory and dissertation committees.

The student must take four courses at the graduate level (400 or above) in the non-home department, at least one of which must be at the 500 level. When these courses are in the Classics department, they must be in the original language of the source material. Because it is understood that students have different needs and interests, no particular courses are required, but each student will be expected to come up with a coherent course of study, to be approved by advisors in both departments. This course requirement is in addition to the regular course requirements for the M.A.