Philosophy Professor Bill Talbott chosen for prestigious UW's 2011 Distinguished Teachers Award!

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Congratulations go to Professor Bill Talbott for earning the title of Distinguished Teacher for 2011!

Each year, the University of Washington honors several members of the faculty as Distinguished Teachers. Awardees are chosen based on a variety of criteria, including mastery of the subject matter; enthusiasm and innovation in the learning/teaching process; ability to engage students both within and outside the classroom; ability to inspire independent and original thinking in students and to stimulate students to do creative work; and innovations in course and curriculum design. The Distinguished Teaching Award may be awarded to a faculty member only once in his/her lifetime and are inducted into the Teaching Academy.

Other philosophy faculty who have been awarded this University-wide award are Professor Ron Moore (1989 recipient) and Senior Lecturer Ann Baker (2004 recipient).

William J. Talbott

William J. Talbott is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Washington. He received his bachelor's degree in philosophy from Princeton and his doctorate from Harvard. He teaches and has published articles in epistemology, and moral and political philosophy, including the philosophy of human rights, and rational choice theory. He is the author of Which Rights Should Be Universal? (Oxford University Press, 2005). He is currently working on a second volume on human rights, Human Rights and Human Well-Being to be published by Oxford University Press. He also continues to work on a book in epistemology to be titled, Learning From Experience.

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