Newsletter Fall 2010 Advisory Board

Advisory Board Activities

The department's Advisory Board serves as an advisory council to the department Chair, assists the department in community and public relations, and supports the department's fund development and alumni outreach efforts.

The board had an active year in 2009-10. For the second year, the board funded the department's Outreach Coordinator position, which has helped the department immensely by providing support for the department's development efforts, coordination of conferences and other events, alumni outreach and record-keeping, and work with the university's development staff. Members of the board also helped the department organize and carry out its spring fund-raising efforts.

As a result of conversations with faculty, the board is working on the creation of an online brochure that will describe what studying philosophy involves and why a philosophy degree is valuable, which we expect to be useful for students both in explaining to parents their choices to study philosophy and in discussing with potential employers the skills gained from studying philosophy. The board has created a survey that asks department alumni whether their philosophy degree has been useful and, if so, in what ways. To date approximately 150 responses have been received. You can help in the creation of this brochure by completing our short survey.

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