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PhD from University of Washington
JD from George Washington University
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Jana Mohr Lone is the director and co-founder of PLATO (Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization) and for many years was the director of the Center for Philosophy for Children, which merged with PLATO in 2022. She is the author of the books Seen and Not Heard (2021) and The Philosophical Child (2012); co-author (with Michael D. Burroughs) of the textbook Philosophy in Education: Questioning and Dialogue in Schools (2016); co-editor (with Roberta Israeloff) of Philosophy and Education: Introducing Philosophy to Young People (2012). Jana has published dozens of articles about young people’s philosophical thinking and is a frequent speaker about philosophical inquiry with children and youth. She has been leading philosophy classes with students from preschool to graduate school for 25 years and working with educators, administrators, and families around the United States and internationally, and is the founding editor-in-chief of the journal Questions: Philosophy for Young People.

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