Professor Jana Mohr Lone teaches University of Washington parents to embrace their children's philosophical questions

Whole U demostration

Professor Jana Mohr Lone led a discussion on philosophy for children as part of the Whole U parenting series at the University of Washington.  She discussed how her own children led her to explore philosophy for children and start the UW Center for Philosophy for Children which has brought philosophy to Seattle Public School students for 19 years. She encouraged parents to relax and enjoy exploring philosophical questions with their children by becoming co-philosophers to build new connections with their children.  She demonstrated how she uses children’s books to explore philosophical ideas with the book Hug Me by Simona Ciraolo, which is about a little cactus that wants a hug.

More about this session can be found on the Whole U website, including: Why being a philosophical child is important and strategies to engage in philosophical questions with your children, as well as, links to future parenting talks.

Learn more about the UW Center for Philosophy for Children in the Center's Fall Newsletter.


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